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Hi! Are like pointed heel/flats like the new fashion/style?. Lol I'm seeing it a lot lately, thanks! xx

Yes, they are! :)

What sort of accessories do you wear with a black V-neck dress?

You can wear it with various accessories such as large and small earrings; small, delicate and basic necklaces, or long necklaces. Your dress is black, so if you don’t wear it with a necklace, you can wear it with a pair of a big and shiny earrings, and if you wear it with a necklace, you can use a small earring. Hope it helps you :) xx

Please don't listen to that nasty anon from earlier. Have a great day. <3

Yep we know, but some people are so rude argh! Thank you so much! 😘💜

Hey I was just wondering if you could check out my blog! It would really mean a lot if you did. :) I try to post outfits frequently and make polyvore sets. Have a nice day! xx

Hi! Sure!!! 😘❤️

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